Welcome to the World of Education!

I feel knowledge is infinite. The only weapon that can take us closer to it is education.

An open book

A knowledge bank is the only bank in the world where thieves won’t be able to steal anything. The only bank in the world which without your consent won’t be able to let anything out. That’s your mind. People would be able to steal away your belongings and materialistic things. But what about the knowledge you have acquired throughout the years? Will they be able to steal it away from you without your permission? Absolutely no. But yes, you can help a lot of needy with this bank of yours, which can be your greatest asset. Gain skills and learnings and then pass it on to others. Let us all be KNOWLEDGE BANKS. Give what you have and take in what you can through hard work and perseverance. Bring the whole you on the table. Create your own set of skills because each one of you is unique. Unleash yourself. And above all, lead meaningful lives. To help you out with this, I’ve created a few lessons in education, starting with General Knowledge. So use this section to learn. Share. And grow.

  1. General Knowledge