Some General Knowledge for the Curious Cats!

We might have heard a lot of people around us talking about General Knowledge at least at some point of time in our lives. Be it school going students or some of our friends who are preparing for an examination. And there might have been a number of times when we’ve felt the need to learn General Knowledge. After all, it is a part of our daily lives. How? Well, it is just a piece of information to some, but for me it is a crucial part of my learning process.

General knowledge is the information accumulated over time and years through different mediums like reading books and newspapers, watching television or listening attentively. It is not a detailed learning like a college degree but it will for sure give you more confidence and make you more aware of the world around you.

It’s okay if you have no exams coming up. It’s okay if you are not a student anymore. That’s because learning doesn’t need any reason or a specific age. It just needs some willingness. The amount of information you grab depends on you. It will increase your general intelligence and awareness.

Let’s begin this journey…

Space General Knowledge

  1. What is the only Natural Satellite of the Earth?