About Me

Hey there! I’m Rajal Patel and I’m so excited you stopped by. Thank you so much! 

A little something about me – so I am just another twenty-something year young girl full of dreams, full of aspirations and someone just like you who are trying to carve out a niche in this competitive world. I have been born and brought up in Gujarat, India. Talking about my educational qualification, I have a masters in Industrial Chemistry where I learned a hell lot of things. EVERYTHING. Right from how a product is born from scratch to how it benefits humanity. Be it cosmetics, pharmaceutics, polymers, paints, or petroleum, we learned it all. BTW, currently I’m taking up a course in Human Resources Management to learn more about the field and how it works!

I am an avid learner. You know what! My passion for education and curiosity for learning new things has helped me fetch four university gold medals during my graduation and post-graduation. That is exactly what fuels me every single day-learning. But what is learning without sharing? Nothing, right!. So here I am with my blog writing about all the things that will help you learn something new, stay motivated and of course stay beautiful & fashionable. This is my home on the internet. And I’d make sure I teach and pass on everything that I learn. Whether it is investing in a good product, reading a good book or letting you know about that absolute essential piece of jewelry you must have, I’ll always try to write posts and create content that can help you transform your life and make better choices. You can also watch videos on youtube and go to my Facebook page for daily updates. I also have an online shop called Jhharoke where I sell hand-made jewellery and other interesting stuff.

I also have an other initiative. It is very special and close to my heart. I did think a lot about the right name it could have. Something meaningful. I knew I wanted to personalize it. It is an e-learning platform and it had to have this name: SHIKSHASTRA. It is made up of two words – SHIKSHA which means to learn and ASTRA, which in Hinduism means a supernatural weapon presided over by a deity having spiritual power. And I’ve always felt that if u have the knowledge, it can work as your weapon of mass construction. And so I came up with this name.

You can also watch Shikshastra videos on youtube and go to our Instagram and Facebook page for daily updates.

You can also catch me on Instagram (@therajalpatel) and come say Hi!

Let us slowly and gradually, build a positive community so that the content can reach as many people as possible.