Hey there! I’m Rajal Patel and I’m so excited you stopped by. Thank you so much! 

A little something about me – so I am just another twenty-something year young girl full of dreams, full of aspirations and someone just like you trying to carve out a niche in this competitive world. I have been born and brought up in Gujarat, India & I’m currently staying in Canada.

Talking about my educational qualification, I have a Master’s degree in Industrial chemistry. I learned various things there. EVERYTHING. Right from how a chemical product is born from scratch to how it benefits humanity. Be it cosmetics, pharmaceutics, polymers, paints, or petroleum: I learned it all. I am an avid learner. My passion for education and curiosity for learning new things has helped me fetch four university gold medals during my graduation and post-graduation. That is what fuels me every single day: learning. And BTW, I also just completed a course in Human Resources Management when I learned more about the field and how it works! I am now embarking on to a new journey: I’ve started learning French.

Rajal Patel

But if there is one interest that stayed with me in all these phases, it is writing: my forever first love. I am passionate about words and the power they hold right from the very beginning. A fun fact: I got my first poem published at the age of ten!! It was titled ‘My Teddy Bear’. Haha! I know it’s funny. I also started writing my first novel in grade 4. My seriousness was to such an extent that I used to get my Grammar checked by my tuition teacher & she encouraged me a lot. But well, I never completed it. And that’s a different story. However, that was it & before I knew, I had already fallen for this craft way before I understood terms like blogging or publishing. I somehow could never go away from it because there is some invisible strand that binds me with the art of storytelling. Weaving words is my solace while reading is my escapism.

What will this space offer you?

Mission, motto, vision & value

My choices of career & education so far, have created a Universe of thoughts in me. They help me to write better each day by broadening my horizon and challenging my perspective. I’ve been writing for the last eighteen years now. It all started with poetry in school & now, I run this website. But this is not the end. That’s because I still have lots of stories to tell. You can also go to my Facebook page (Rajal Patel) and connect with me on Instagram for daily updates. Let us slowly and gradually, build a positive community so that we all can become keen readers.

Rajal Patel