Hey there! I’m Rajal Patel and I’m so excited you stopped by. Thank you so much! 

A little something about me – so I am just another twenty-something year young girl full of dreams, full of aspirations and someone just like you trying to carve out a niche in this competitive world. I have been born and brought up in Gujarat, India and I’m currently staying in Canada. Talking about my educational qualification, I have a post-graduation in Industrial Chemistry where  I acquired a   lot of new and important concepts. About almost EVERYTHING. Right from how a chemical product is born from scratch to how it benefits humanity. Be it cosmetics, pharmaceutics, polymers, paints, or petroleum, we learned it all. BTW, I also just completed a course in Human Resources Management where I  gained an understanding  of the field and how it works!

I am an avid learner. My passion for education and curiosity for learning new things has helped me fetch four university gold medals during my graduation and post-graduation. That is exactly what fuels me every single day: learning. And it is not limited to one thing. I like learning anything that is new and enriching.

But what is learning without sharing? Nothing, right!

Also, you know what? Writing was, is and will always remain my first love. I am extremely passionate about words and the power they hold. I got my first poem published at the age of ten! It was about ‘My Teddy Bear’. I know it’s funny. But a small incident like this one was enough to spark my interest. And that was it. Before I could know, I had already fallen for this craft. It holds a very special place in my heart.

I love educating too. I have an experience of teaching MSc students. And there I realized the significance of good teaching methods and the power of a skilled educator. I came to a conclusion that education should be accessible, provide equal opportunities to all and be adaptable with new technology.

So here I am with my blog to combine my passion for writing and my love for education. I hope it will help you learn something new and stay motivated. This is my home on the internet. And I’d make sure I teach and pass on every knowledge that I gain. Whether it is motivating you, teaching you an easy time-management trick, or discussing some general knowledge topics, I’ll always try to write posts and create videos that can help you educate your mind and transform your life. You can also go to my Facebook page and see me on Instagram for daily updates.

Shikshastra is all about sharing. Be a knowledge bank. The only bank in the world where thieves won’t be able to steal anything. The only bank in the world which without your consent won’t be able to let anything out. That’s your mind. People would be able to steal away your belongings and materialistic things. But what about the knowledge you have acquired throughout the years? Will they be able to steal it away from you without your permission? Absolutely no. But yes, you can help a lot of needy people with this bank of yours, which can be your greatest asset. Gain skills and learnings and then pass it on to others. Let us all be KNOWLEDGE BANKS. Give what you have and take in what you can through hard work and perseverance. And above all, lead meaningful lives.

Let us slowly and gradually, build a positive community so that we all can improve our lives together.

Rajal Patel