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Jewellery pieces laid out on a cloth

If you are one of those jewellery hoarders and admirers, you should definitely read on to make your life a bit easier. Most of us love jewellery. Be it in any form. Junk, resin, metal, antique, gold, silver, long or short. If we love it, we buy it. But do you know what? Buying is easy, bargaining too, is easy. But what’s not easy is organizing these pieces. Jewellery organizing is a huge task.

Imagine yourself getting ready for your office in the morning, or a party in the night for that matter. But you just have 5 minutes and you are rummaging through all the possible drawers and shelves in search of that one perfect earring that matches your dress. Frustrating, right? I know. I have experienced this a lot of times now to organize my jewellery.

First of all, let me give you some  motivation  to get you going through this process.

  1. Organizing your jewellery and storing it properly will give it a neat presentation free of all clutter.
  2. The next thing is that now you won’t have to search for your favourites in all other places.
  3. The best and the biggest advantage is now all that you have will be present in front of you. You will be able to see them all together and decide with ease which goes best with what.
  4. And obviously, this will make you happy.

I have been collecting my jewellery since last 8-9 years. That is when you can have a ‘collection.’ It is my weakness and it will always be. But organizing the jewellery has also made me aware of what all I have. It will prevent me from buying something of same style or design. And it will also help me get an overview of where I need to stop!

The tips that I’m going to share will help everyone. You might be a college going student, a housewife or a working woman. I’m sure you’ll have something to take away at the end of this article.

Different jewellery organization ideas

  • The first one is buying pouches or storing jewellery in clear bags. There are many advantages of this. Firstly, you would be able to carry these small bags around without any hassle. Also, considering that they are transparent, it would be easy to view and select while wearing. The steps to follow here is to separate your jewellery according to your needs. You can do that based on colour, size or the probability of its usage. I like to do it on the basis of colour as well as size. And then, segregate the pieces and store them in these pouches. I was using this method until now. It is very convenient when we don’t have a lot of earrings to organize. These clear pouches are best when we need to store individual necklace and earring sets. For example, an Indian bridal set. And then put all such individual pouches in a cloth bag. You click the image link below to get such pouches.
  • When we stay in a place where every little space matters, we can buy such double sided organizers. These are the best when it comes to saving area. The drill is the same. Segregate your jewellery based on colour, size or the probability of its usage. And place it in individual sections provided. And an interesting thing is the back side. There’s lots of space to hang neck pieces and chokers. It has individual loops to keep them from tangling.
  • I have friends and relatives who are not too much into buying earrings. But they do love wearing necklaces. If you are one of them, then this tip is for you. Buy a cloth hanger with hooks. And then hang it at the top of your closet. You can also use a wall mounted one. It completely depends on your needs and choice. A scarf organizer will serve you the same purpose.
  • Are you someone who just has a few daily wear jewellery? Then such compact clear table drawers are perfect for organizing your jewellery. Invest in these and you can never go wrong.
  • This idea is for all the traditional jewellery lovers: a bangle or bracelet organizer. One good thing about this is that it is travel friendly and compact. Hence, it takes up very less storage space.
  • And the method that has worked best for me are these super comfortable grid boxes. I like to store my earrings in such boxes as they not only protect them but are customizable too . We can adjust the size of the sections according to the shape of our earrings. And, we can store our hair pins too! Isn’t that wonderful? Here are pictures of some of my storage boxes. I hope you find it useful.
Organizing Silver Jewellery in a Sectioned Box
Here, I’ve stored all my silver jewellery, that is, separation on the basis of colour.
Organizing Gold Jewellery in a Sectioned Box
This one has some of my handmade and party wear earrings.
  • A last few but amazing tips. You can use big buttons to keep your studs locked in the holes. So in that way, you’ll never lose them.
  • Also, make sure you store all the boxes, pouches and kits in one area of your wardrobe for convenience.
  • And finally, if you have some time in hand, click pictures of your organization system and upload them to a private folder on your  Pinterest  and label the sections this way: drawer 1, drawer 2 and so on. This way, when you want to wear something, open this folder, check where the earring you want is and wear it directly without going through the process of locating it.

I hope you got a little motivation to do your bit in protecting and storing your beauties.

Till then,

See you!

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