A Beginner’s Guide To Backing Up Digital Photos

This is a digital age. And how can it be complete without digital photos? We all have different ways to do it. Do you remember the time when you desperately needed a picture, may be to post it on Instagram or on Facebook but you couldn’t pull it out on time because you didn’t know where it was. If yes, I completely get you. We might take an assistance from the phone app by searching it on the basis of date or may be months. But that doesn’t help always. In addition to this, there’s another level of joy when everyone who knows you comes to you in search of a particular picture because they know you’ll have it organized perfectly. Over the years, I too have developed a process which works best for me. So these are a few tips from a serious hoarder.

  1. The first step that I do is to gather and segregate all the photos by fixing an organization day every week. Bring all images in one place. Search your phone, computer, emails, or external drives. Ask your friends or relatives if they have any of your pictures. I know it is a huge task. But this is what will save you from a longer procedure ahead.
  2. Categorize and make different albums on your phone and name them according to the pictures they hold, like for example, Alumni Meet 2019, Polo Forest Trip, Movie Date, and so on. Move all relevant digital photos in them. So once this is done, you’ll be partly sorted.
  3. Also since you are already in a digital de-clutter mood, don’t forget to go through the albums and delete the unwanted files then and there. This is the right time to do so. We have a tendency to push things for the future. But please refrain from doing so.
  4. Now connect your phone to the computer and transfer all these albums there. This can also be one of your backup sites.
  5. If you don’t have a laptop, download the backup app on your phone and upload the files online. Some prefer Google Photos or Dropbox. And others like to save these precious moments on their hard disk, Apple iCloud or the Google Drive. I am extremely finicky about pictures. I need to have every possible backup out there. Therefore, what I do is have one copy on Google photos and one in the external hard disk. This way, I sleep better. And ultimately, what I feel is that all these systems have their own pros and cons. Hence, do your complete research before settling on any! Act according to the need and your situation.

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