Dream Life: Four Steps To Create One!

Dream Catchers

Our life is a journey. We crave to reach an unknown destination which we feel will give us eternal happiness. But during that, we forget to enjoy the process. We underestimate the road that leads us there. And ultimately, we are never satisfied with what we achieve. So this creates a void and a thirst for an even better life. But does such a dream life even exist? Well, honestly speaking, it depends completely on us. I’ll tell you how.

It took me a long time to figure out what life is. And I think I’m still learning. I’m a work in progress. We all are. But that shouldn’t stop us from aiming high. I’ve tried to simplify this process for me and for all of you. I hope you find it useful.

4 Steps to Create Your Dream Life

  • The first thing that comes to my mind is our appearance. I’m sure it holds some significance in your life too. We all have a varied importance for the same. For some of us, it is extremely crucial. I have some friends who don’t step out of the house without makeup because they like to be ready for everything. And others just like to dress so as to be presentable by putting as little efforts as possible. I fall somewhere in the middle. I like to dress according to the occasion. But this gives me immense happiness. Just a nude lipstick holds the power to give me a burst of confidence, which is enough to help me sail through a tough day. Such things also play a key role in helping us look approachable and pleasant. Hence, curation of our dream life starts with this first step. So groom and love yourself.
  • The next thing is our body. Just like our elders say: our body is our temple. We cannot let toxins reside in it. Hence, hydrate yourself. Feed it with nutritious food. Shape up your own self-care and cleansing routine. And develop an exercise regime. I am trying to do the same as well. It can be walking, jogging or some Yoga. We all are together in this journey. Let’s make the best of the life given to us.
  • Third step is to train our mind. It is as powerful as we make it. Simple brain foods like good books, education and learning, motivational and self-improvement videos will give you a kick-start. We need to take care that sometimes negativity will try to make a home in our mind too. It won’t be always possible to stay calm and positive. And that’s okay. Eventually, we all will learn to deal with it as and when we get such experiences during our journey. So stop comparisons and start educating yourself.
  • And the last step is refining our soul. Everyone of us have a purpose in life. Some may call it passion. And luckier ones call it their profession. We don’t take birth to live a mechanical life. So break the monotony and develop a hobby, if you don’t have one. For me, it is reading and writing. I love writing articles for this blog of mine, I also love writing short stories and poems along with reading. As long as you have something to look forward to at the end of your day, you’ll remain happy and satisfied. Your family can give you ultimate contentment. But apart from that, find something that gives you a sense of fulfillment. It may be an activity related to spirituality, music, painting or spending some me-time. Whatever it is, try to radiate positivity, happiness and practise gratitude.

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