Stories From A Writer’s Life: Writing Inspiration #5

Where do you think stories come from? Are they real or are they pure imagination? For me, it’s an art. They aren’t born just like that. Along with hard work and determination, a story holds an author’s soul and life. Non-fiction books are of course largely based on the writer’s real life. And if we talk about stories or fiction books, I think they too, have a part of the storyteller’s heart.

A writer takes a lot of experiences and characters from their real life. Their day to day activities. People’s lives have an abundance of content. Yes, that’s true. Just try writing down an account of your day at night before sleeping. Even if we are quarantined right now, I’m sure we’ll be able to write a lot. Such is our life. Well, if we talk about books like Harry Potter, there is obviously a lot of imagination in there. But I’m sure there too the writer has taken quite a few incidents or inspiration from her real life. Writing is based on observation skills too. If you go to a shopping centre and observe a group of people, or may be overhear their conversation, it might make a way to your book or blog! Recollect doing that?


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