Losing Storytellers: Writing Inspiration #4

What will happen if the nation loses its storytellers? This is what exactly Peter Handke quotes about. A role of a writer is very important in a society and the nation. Have you ever wondered why we read books? I personally read them so that I get a chance to get lost in a completely different world. I love how a story can make me feel so many emotions at once. The first book that made me cry like a baby was PS I love you by Cecelia Ahern. That day, I understood the importance of a good storytelling.

Storytellers and writers work really hard to pen down their thoughts in the form of a story. And when that happens, it is magic. Books like Harry Potter make you dwell hard on the imagination power of a human brain, while classics like Pride and Prejudice show how women in that era had a courage to stand for their values and principles. Everything is a creation of the writer, of the author.

Apart from entertaining people, writers recreate time. They take you back in a period where you wouldn’t go otherwise. They make you a child again. And through these writings, their thoughts and stories are preserved carefully between the pages for generations to come. And this is not easy. If you are doing something like this, be at it. The world needs more of you! 🙂


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