Write More Each Day: Writing Inspiration #3

I’m happy you guys are enjoying this series. The response I got is amazing. It makes me want to write more and inspire more. All of us have some aspirations in mind. While growing up, we kind of decide in our minds what we want to become. I’m not talking about those initial and short bursts of wanting to become an astronaut. But something serious. And when we do, we know this is it. Have you ever thought why? That is because whatever we do in our life has an underlying reason or motive. And this becomes a motivation to pursue that venture.

Writing is the same. I’ll talk about me. I want to write because I can write whatever I want. I can talk and express myself through words on any possible topic out there. In one book, I can be a scientist and in the other, I can become a photographer. There’s no looking back. I can create something out of nowhere. Something of my own. A story I can say I am the creator of. And this excites me more than anything else. I want to write, create, inspire and motivate you. Even if that is one single person, I’d feel happy and content.


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