Writing Inspiration #2

Hello all! Welcome to part two of writing inspiration.

Here I am with a writing quote by Henry David Thoreau. This is very simple one but completely to the point. We tend to procrastinate. And you’ll agree with me on that. And not just writing, we indulge in this guilt for almost all activities. In the end, the consequences are not those that we enjoy. It is a feeling that we hate to acknowledge. And then it builds up and one fine day comes out in the form of resentment. It has happened with me. I then get pressurized to complete all of my work in less than half of the time. And this compromises quality. But not anymore.

The quote above is ideal to hear in such a situation. It reminds us to write when we need to. That is, when there is an urge in us. An urge and a passion to churn out fresh words on a blank piece of paper. I always carry a diary with me wherever I go. In fact, the idea of my first short story came like that, when I was on my way to my workplace. If I had delayed noting it down, I don’t think it would have come out at all.

I hope now none of us will delay writing. It is just exactly as Henry David Thoreau said. We’ll be using a cooled iron rod to burn a hole!


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