Writing Inspiration #1

I do feel that writing is an art. It is something that requires your time, attention and of course, lots of love. And there are times when we don’t feel like doing it at all. And that’s fine. Just take a break. Don’t stress out. You’ll be fine.

But if you need just a small push, here I am, with a section called Writing Inspiration on my blog to get you going. I’ll be posting some really motivating and interesting writing quotes by different personalities or authors, and some by me. The main aim is to help you out with a writer’s or creativity block or to just inspire you to stop procrastinating. At times, the stories are in our mind. We know they need to come out. Everything is ready. There is coffee on the table, the desk is set. But the most important thing is lacking, which is self-motivation. And this part of the blog will serve the same purpose. It will remind you time and again that you have a dream to fulfil.

The above written quote stuck with me because I have a habit of collecting thoughts and then deciding that I’ll be using them later. I’m working on my first novel right now. I do have a lot of concepts. But at times, I find myself setting aside a few views for some other book. I feel that way I’d do justice with some beautifully woven words. But then, I also feel we should live in the present. Focus on what we are doing right now. Only if our current work is up to the mark should we save our ideas for the future. And if not, put in all that you have for NOW. Give more than your 100% and witness the stars favouring you!


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