Stop Blaming Yourself For Trusting Someone

Above everything else, we are humans. We make mistakes. And that’s okay. What’s not okay is not learning from them. In our life, a lot of situations arise when we trust people. It can be our friends or may be our boyfriend/ girlfriend. We give our everything to that relationship. And only in the end we realize that we’ve been taken for granted. And that we don’t matter as much as we thought we did. And then when things go wrong, we can’t stop blaming ourselves, thinking how we were the ones that gave them the liberty to do so. I’ve written the following poem in the same context.

i know

you stabbed me in the heart

but how can i blame you?

i was the one

who handed you the knife

You blame yourself thinking that you gave the knife. But no, that’s not right. When we love someone, we give ourselves completely. We give them the freedom to destroy us and to shatter us into million pieces. Hence, it’s not your fault. You were just giving love. Now that you realize what’s done, you can use the same love to mend yourself. To improve your mental health and to bring yourself back to normal and an even happier state. Leave the negativity behind and start fresh!


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