How Can You Handle Distractions Effectively?

Lord Buddha

Distractions are the greatest enemies of productivity. I have been there and I know how it works. At times, it makes you believe that other things are more important and that indulging into them for sometime won’t do any harm. But deep inside, we know that’s not true. Distractions have been proven to destroy our concentration, focus and at times, interests too.

Sure Shot Ways To Help You Handle Distractions

  1. Please convince yourself that what you are doing is important. Have a ‘me talk’ with yourself. Ask yourself why you are doing that particular thing. If you are studying for an exam, remind yourself of the deadlines you’ve set or that you need to set to complete that particular syllabus. If you are supposed to complete a commissioned work, do tell yourself that you are going to be paid for it. And that your client needs your help with it. Motivate yourself and get going.
  2. Make a list of priorities. It sounds cliché but is very productive. Have a diary with you. And write down all the things that you need to do. In such times, a lot of things go on in our minds. So at that moment, what we need to do is clear out our head of all the side thoughts. And for this, we need to put them down on a paper. Then just give all these thoughts a number depending on what needs to be done at the earliest. Finally, the one with the first number becomes your priority. Now, follow step one and stick on to it.
  3. Declutter your workspace. Because who doesn’t like to work in a clean space?
  4. Be with a group of people that inspire you every day. This is so very true. You tend to divert in places where your friends go. This is a very common humanly instinct. I’ll give you an example. If you want to prepare for an IAS exam, what’ll benefit you is hanging out with those who are preparing for the same. You’ll be able to discuss topics and have same goal. And this will also give you a sense of competition, which will motivate you to be better at your work each passing day.
  5. Limit your time on social media. It is a personal experience. I think of something. And I go on it. So then I get carried away with all the things that I see, which makes me forget the reason for me to be there in the first place.I bet the same happens with you too. Therefore, I suggest you to set a time limit or an alarm for social media. It sounds funny. But this will work. There are certain applications too to serve the purpose. So do some research and get them on your phone.

So these were some simple ways to handle distractions effectively. I hope you found it helpful and informative.

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