What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition? Discover now!

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If you google the exact meaning of this phrase, wikipedia will say that ‘a  unique selling proposition (USP) or  unique selling point  is a  marketing  strategy of making a unique proposition to customers that convinces them to switch brands.’

Unique Selling Proposition is something that differentiates you or your personal brand amongst other competitors. It makes you stand out from the many other people in the market. Every brand wants to leave a mark with their services or products. This is the only thing which will give you an edge. I’ll explain this using an example. Take Domino’s. They started the trend of fast pizzas. The company said that if you order a pizza from them, you’ll get it in 30 minutes. And if not so, you’ll get it for free! No one was using this strategy that time. This made news and helped them garner a lot of customers.

How To Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition?

We all have certain things that make us unique. Have you ever thought about it? Our educational system fails to notice this. They consider everyone the same. Same subjects and the same exams to judge our abilities. I read a saying, ‘never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.’ And this is so correct. We are forced into believing that if we don’t score good marks/grades at school or university, we’re good for nothing. But now that I have completed my education, I can tell you one thing. ALL THESE THINGS DON’T MATTER. There were so many kids in my class who never scored ‘enough’ marks but are excellent entrepreneurs now. Some are amazing designers and some are saving lives right now in the times of a pandemic!

  • What you need to understand is that there is one thing that makes you IRREPLACEABLE. You have at least one quality that differentiates you from your counterparts. Is it painting? Is it writing? Or are you someone who can solve a math problem in no time? If this is not your USP, then what is?
  • Don’t take up science or humanities just because your friends are choosing it. Take it because you genuinely trust yourself that you’ll do something great out of that opportunity. Everything starts with a self-belief and lots of confidence.
  • Now take a day or two and think about a few things. Ask yourself what you are good at and what you enjoy doing the most, say for example interior designing. Now think of a scenario when you join an organization for the same skill. Then imagine you are working there for a few months or years now. And think that one day, when you want to leave the company, will anyone over there’ll be able to do what you were doing with the same efficiency and dedication? Are you irreplaceable? If it’s a confident yes, then this is your USP.
  • Also, at times when these things don’t come naturally, practise is always an option. No body is born with skills. They are developed overtime. Everything is possible if you are willing to do so.
  • And the last thing is to keep on checking the industry trends and updating yourself regularly with it.

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