How To Train Your Mind To Achieve The Impossible?


If someone asks me what is the most difficult yet powerful thing to do, I’d say it is training my mind. I’m sure you might agree with me. Deciding to do something is a different thing but actually doing it is tough. But that is impossible only if our mind thinks so. If you have the will, you’ll eventually find out the way. And to go through this way, you’ll need to train your mind.

Let me give you an example. We know that according to our current weight, our body can lift a particular number of kilograms in the gym. But at times, we pamper yourselves way too much. We don’t want to lift it thinking how strenuous it’d get. It’s not that we aren’t capable of doing it. Our body will do it. It knows how to do it. But it just needs the right push at the right time.

Steps To Training Your Mind

  1. The first step in this journey to becoming the best version of yourself is prioritizing yourself. We want to take care of our loved ones but become careless when it comes to us. Be loyal to yourself just like a sunflower is to her Sun.
  2. Number two is self realization. Decide on what you really want to do. Is it about starting a youtube channel? Is it about weight loss? Or is it about writing a book? Realizing your needs at this stage is very important for future planning. We aren’t able to convince our mind just because of a confusion. Once you realize what you want to do, it’ll be sorted out.
  3. Now comes the time to chalk out a plan. A plan gives you a direction to act upon. Or else you’ll keep on working hard to no results. Divide your plan into small achievable and real goals. Don’t think about losing 5 kgs in 5 days. I’ve made that mistake. It will not only overwhelm you, but will make you weak and demotivated later on in the process. Take each day as it comes. And give your best shot every single day.
  4. Have determination. Just like Arjun had in Mahabharat. Do you remember how focused he was when he had to point an arrow at the fish’s eye? Yes, that determination is what I’m talking about. There were a lot of distractions but his focus was so sharp that he could see just the eye and nothing else.
  5. And the last thing is to keep on re-evaluating your plan after every few days. Check whether it is working or no. It will be like a reality check. If it’s not working, make a new one. There’s no problem in doing so. This way you’ll be stay motivated and ahead of the game.

This is how you can train your mind. I know it is always better said than done. But a continued effort will surely yield fruitful results. I too, am in the same journey of making the best out of my mind’s power. Join me! 🙂

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