What Can Be The Best Investment You Make?

An open book

Investment is something you make in an expectation of a return in the future. We earn money through a lot of hard work. It might take days, months or even years to make a stable income. And then as we do it, we want to make an investment in such a way that it rewards with profits in the times of crisis. But this was the monetary part. Have you ever thought that your mind too, needs food in the times of loneliness and difficulties. What are your investment plans for that?

Here, I’m talking about BOOKS. I know this sounds strange. But this is what I feel is the reality. We focus on money so much that we forget our mental health. We forget that there’s a lot of stress in the world. Especially now, in the times of a pandemic. What if you have money but no mental awareness or personal development? Will you be able to put that money into a good use?

I feel books are something that can enlighten us, teach us and make us realize a lot of things. They are an ocean of information and the road to an intellectual society. In a book, you can get the knowledge and ideas of a person consolidated in a crisp manner. If you read hundred books, that means that you actually have the knowledge from a hundred different people. Will you be able to do that by any other means? Our schools teach us a lot of things. But does it tell you how to build a successful startup? How to get over a breakup? No, right? That is an extra reading that you have to do.

Other Benefits Of Reading Books

  1. They help you learn a new language, build vocabulary or improve upon your grammar skills.
  2. These little oceans help you build your very own knowledge bank.
  3. Books entertain you and take you into a completely different world. Remember reading Harry Potter?
  4. Improves concentration power because you need a focus to read books and you eventually develop it.
  5. And if you want to write something, reading will help you a lot. They say, to become a writer, you need to be a reader first.

There’s this saying that a pen is mightier than a sword. A writer uses her pen and puts down her thoughts and concepts in a book for the world to read. In this age, you need books more than weapons to win wars. And these words are very very powerful. There’s a reason why they say that books are your best friends. They can change minds, lives and economies.

Also, there’s no perfect age to learn something new. So why not start reading today?

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