A Short Love Story: My First Attempt At Writing One

I wrote this short love story a few months back. It was a random thought. Something that came very spontaneously. It made me think in a different way. Actually, this is the first piece of writing that made me realize after years that I should write more. I remember that day clearly. It was November 1, 2019. I was about to leave for work. And suddenly I get this thought in mind. I quickly noted down the idea and left for my workplace. But I just couldn’t resist and wrote this. And it is raw and untouched. I haven’t edited a single word.

He is calm.

She is fierce.

He waits for her every few seconds.

And she keeps going back and forth.

He feels confused.

He feels she loves the Sun.

She goes to meet him twice every single day.

At least, that’s what seems from his place.

But little does he know that

However far she goes, she will come back.

Only to him.

To her best friend, lover and solace.

To hug him.

And to tease him again every few seconds.

And by the way,

She is the sea.

He is the shore.

After writing this love story, I haven’t looked back. I’ve written a lot more stories, one liners and poems. You can find those on my Instagram page too. I’ve quite nicely embraced how words make me feel that I am enough and that I have the freedom to stitch them together in whatever design I love.


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