How Can You Save Money While Shopping?


I don’t think we have a lot of us who aren’t excited at the name of shopping. Be it online or offline, we enjoy it. Of course, we don’t want to spend much. But you’ll agree with me that we all are always ready to buy something. It instantly lifts up our mood and is quite a stress buster at times. But do you know what! It can actually lead to a lot of problems if money is not spent wisely. Therefore, it becomes important to save money every where we can. But how?

  1. The best way is to make a list before heading out. I have learnt this method from my Mummy. She has a habit of putting sticky notes on the refrigerator. Whenever the supplies get over, she’ll quickly write it down there and finally, while going for shopping, she’ll take the list with her. This way we remain clear of what we have to buy and our mind will not wander in other sections of the supermarket. And in turn, we’ll save money too.
  2. Next is to eat before you leave. When we go to malls, we have a plan of shopping and then eating out in the food zone. But if you are not hungry and full, you won’t dine out and your hard earned money will be saved, because food is one thing where we tend to spend a lot.
  3. Prepare a monthly or weekly budget and try not to exceed that. You can sit one day and calculate the amount of money you’ll be needing each week. And then set a limit. This way, you’ll be picky on what you buy.
  4. Remove some cash from an ATM and have that in your wallet. It is like a brain game. Use that instead of bank cards. In this way, when you pay money, you’ll physically let go of the notes and be conscious every time you indulge in some shopping.
  5. The last one is to compare different deals online and offline. Go for the one that is inexpensive. Also, you can play the wait game if shopping online. Put something that you want to buy in your cart. And wait for a few days. There is a chance that the company might provide you with a discount. And if not, in those days you’ll realize whether you really need that particular product or no.

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