De-stress Yourself After A Very Long Day Of Work

Indoor plants

Now that we are at home, we know work doesn’t necessarily have to be at office. There are a lot of chores at home too. And then we do have many of us who are working from home right now. This does get stressful at times. Especially now when we are not only stressed about our work, but about the global pandemic too. So why not take a back seat for some time and de-stress yourself?

De-stress Now, Slowly

  1. Get up early. This sounds vague and cliché but this is very refreshing. I have never ever been a morning person since years & I work best at night. I am most active after 11 pm. But now, I’ve started changing my lifestyle. It’s been a month and I’m waking up at around 7:30 am now. This not only gives me a fresh start but also some extra time to myself. Now I know what is it like to wake up and feel rejuvenated.
  2. Pamper yourself. Hydrate yourself. You can oil your hair and massage it. Or just soak your feet in a bucket full of salt warm water. Nothing beats this feeling. If not this, you can also take a long shower while exfoliating your body. It is the best sensation. De-stress yourself using this method and you’ll feel calm and relaxed.
  3. Buy plants and put them in your house if you don’t have any. We usually use it for home decor purposes but there’s a reason why I’m asking you to do this. Plants purify the air you live in. Also, greenery around you will boost your mood, help you heal, bloom and increase your productivity. You’ll feel one with nature.
  4. Call your best friend. This is the best therapy ever. Reminiscing old times will instantly put a smile on your face. It is like a nostalgia which brings back a lot of memories and reminds you of many things you can be grateful for.
  5. The last thing is a bit weird but I do this at times. Take a pen and a paper. Now let your fingers free. Scribble whatever you want. Remove all of your frustration on the paper and leave it there. Let it be messy. No one’s watching. You can write whatever you want. You can draw whatever you want. The only thing is that stress should leave the body.

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