Five Peaceful Things To Do In Your Me Time


The pandemic has opened our eyes. It is as if our eyes were blurred initially by different layers of activities that we felt gave us happiness. But the truth is that the way simple joys can bring us a level of satisfaction, nothing else can. This is the time to protect yourself. Your mind, body, vibe and soul. You need healing. Most of us are with families right now. But we still have many who are stuck away in different countries. So here I am, with five peaceful things to do when alone. It’s easy, simple and doable.

Relax & Get Going…

  1. Spend a day doing nothing. Yes, you heard me. It’s not always necessary to be busy. Our lives have always been hectic. And it never gave us a chance to slow down and think about life as it is and not as a project. So stay in your bed and chill. No work today. Relax and find calm amongst the chaos.
  2. Next is to make a masala chai for yourself. My fondest memory with tea is how I would wake up every morning and have tea with my Mummy and then we’ll chat for a nice amount of time at the jhula outside. It used to be very refreshing and the ginger in the tea will bring back your senses to life. Try this. I’m sure you’ll love it. Now that I’m away from home, I wish I could do these peaceful things with my family more often.
  3. Clean your phone. We all know the amount of forwards we get on Whatsapp and other social media. It might make us laugh at that moment but then the next time we open our phone galleries, we’ll see thousands of useless pictures and videos. Adding on to this is our email inbox, which is filled with promotional emails. And it is very important to be clean in our digital space. So why not use this ‘me time’ to declutter our phones!
  4. Make a small bucket list of dreams that you wish to fulfil one day in the future. It can be anything ranging from buying a new laptop or getting that adrenaline rush while scuba diving. It will not only make you happy, but give you a motivation to work harder. Do you know what? One of my most favourite wishes is to see the Northern Lights. I think that is when I’ll feel closest to the nature.
  5. The last thing is to make an art. I know it sounds silly. But you can do that. Paint on a canvas. Make a candle. Or knit something. None of us are masters at it but it will calm your nerves and soothe you. I can say this. Because I did the same yesterday. I used some time to draw some emojis on Easter eggs! It was a creative evening. 🙂

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