What Should Be The Biggest Motivation In Your Life?


We keep on searching for that one reason and that biggest motivation to continue doing something. You can deny it till the greatest extent, but you will agree with me that things are easily accomplished when they have an underlying reason and a driving force. For all of us, these forces are different. But they are driven by that one simple thing. That is LOVE.

How Is Love The Biggest Motivation?

A lot of times I hear kids speaking how they want to be doctors or teachers just because their parents want them to be. It’s not that they don’t enjoy their field of their work. They do. But their motivation is love for their family. You might want to cook something. There, the motivation is the love for delicious food. Love gives you strength and power to face obstacles. It is that invisible string that connects you and gives you a reason to be a better person each day. It is an energy that gives you a motive to stay alive and to conquer unchartered waters. We all will be just existing and not living if it had not been for love. Love for people, careers, food, pets and much more. It is what motivates you and me each day.

You could also ask me. What about the charities and selfless work we do? Am I trying to say that even those things should have a purpose too? They too, should have an underlying reason, right? Our parents teach us that this work shouldn’t be done for a reason. But the thing is everything we do is thrusted by an inner desire. The reason for all these things is love. You love your community. You want to help them in times of crisis. Will you be able to work selflessly for some one if you don’t love them? I don’t think so.

And when you hurt someone. There too, the motivation is love. Love for self. Do think upon it!

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