Do You Write Morning Pages? Well, Start Now!

A Journal

Morning pages are a ‘me time‘ for me. I do have inculcated this habit since almost a year now. And life cannot get better. You might be wondering what exactly are these morning pages, right?

I’ve had a problem of overthinking for quite a few years. I think. Then I overthink. I stress too much and then I feel useless and frustrated. This used to ruin my day and it made me feel as if I was capable of doing nothing with my life. I wanted to have a feeling where I could let my feelings out and then leave it to the Universe. Hence, one fine day, I decided to start writing. I rummaged through my study desk cupboard where a proud pile of diaries were kept, that my father would bring in every year. I’d keep them in the hope to use it later. But it never happened. And that day, I went through all of them and removed the one I felt suited my needs the best. A thick black one which wasn’t too long.

Now was the time to pour in all of my feelings. Be it blog or youtube ideas, writing letters to myself, career thoughts, my insecurities, my fears, my bucket list or things that I’m grateful for. I write it all. Every morning. Without fail. This is exactly how I start my day. Now my diary, which I fondly call my external brain keeps a check on my emotions and motivates me everyday.

How Can You Start Writing Morning Pages?

First of all, decide why you want to do it. Anything done without a purpose won’t last long. Make it a habit to include this activity in your routine so that it gives a new dimension & perspective to your life. If you are new to writing, you might be wondering how to start. What you can do is fix a time each morning, take your tea or coffee and open your diary. Ask yourself a few questions. What are your dreams? What do you wish to do today? Is there anything that hurt you? Do you want to share something? And then write it all down. Let the ink bleed and remove your pain. Manifest happiness and positivity. Tell yourself that you are getting closer to your dream life. Go far down in your heart. It will give you all the answers.

Also, do this when you are alone. It will help you by going deeper into your thoughts. Morning Pages will not only increase and improve your productivity but will give you a self-reflection too.

We all have stories in us. Just pour them out! Create your own beautiful brain dump.

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