Do You Have A Memory Wall In Your House? Make One Now!

I am big time memory hoarder. Be it a picture, a chocolate wrapper, a boarding pass, some small tile pieces from a swimming pool or be it asking my friends to sign on a tissue paper of a particular restaurant we went to. I collect everything so that when I want, I can go on that bittersweet ride of nostalgia, remember everything, be grateful for it and get tears of happiness. I read a quote somewhere. It said –

Always take pictures. They serve as a memory to a time that’s never coming back again.

The first obsession with pictures started with the serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi. Funny, right? I’ll tell you how. So, there’s this one time when the serial took a leap and they got a new title song. In a particular scene, I saw walls filled with black and white pictures of the family members. I really loved the idea and the feeling it gave. That day I decided I too, will do something with pictures in my room.

How Did I Make This Memory Wall?

Basically, my room had this one TV unit with a blank space on the right. I thought of putting my pictures there. But how, was the question. Therefore, I got a bulletin board fixed there which matches the ambience and colour of the room. I got it done with our carpenter and he was patient enough to hear my needs out. Finally, when it was ready, we just screwed it tight to the wooden unit.

The wall was now in place. It was then time to get the pictures printed. I went through my gallery and hard disks, got some amazing pictures and arranged them in MS word in such a way that I’d get more pictures in less amount of papers. And then I printed them out, cut them and stuck them on the bulletin board using small cute and colourful pins.

The end result turned out to be really amazing. The best part is, when you wake up every morning, you open your eyes to a lot of God sent blessings!

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