Baby Steps To Reorganize Life During The Quarantine Period


We all know we have a lot of time right now. We don’t know for how long. But when we have it, why not take a few baby steps to reorganize life during the quarantine period? It is an ideal time to do so. Reorganizing life is a big process depending on where you stand right now. But we can surely start with a few initiatives to get going.

Do This To Reorganize Life & Feel Better

  1. Start your day with a smile. Smile often. And at times, without any reason. The first thing you should do is to go to a mirror and smile at yourself. Wake up with a happy and hopeful face rather than having a cranky mood. It will not only take away your peace of mind but will also ruin your family member’s mornings. Greet everyone you meet. Radiate happiness and positivity.
  2. Declutter your mind, your phone, wardrobe and toxic people from your life. Decluttering is really very underrated. If you have clothes that you didn’t wear for a long time, give it to someone in need. Your phone and laptop might be having a lot of unwanted images and data. Why not take a day out and delete the ones not needed? Also, unfollow people on social media that don’t add value to your life. It will feel like a therapy. You’ll feel as if you’ve created space in your life for productive things and now that your mind is free, it can focus on better things.
  3. Take up an activity you wanted to indulge in since long. Get out of your comfort zone. It can be reading a new book, trying out cooking for the first time, learning how to blog or may be, you might just want to start writing your own book!
  4. Learn to say No! I know you might be thinking how this can be of help in reorganizing your life. But it is. There are so many parties we go to just because we can’t say no. We get easily influenced by people and their thoughts. And to save a few relationships, we might just not be able to refuse a thing or two. But now, you should. Don’t let anything interfere in your personal space.
  5. And finally, maintain a journal. Write down your thoughts and confusions in it. And then, stop worrying about it. Slowly and gradually, this journal will become your best friend by taking in all of your worries. Read it after a few days and you’ll laugh at the amount of overthinking you did.

Change is necessary in our lives. Things cannot remain stagnant. After all, life is an art. You don’t want to paint the same picture always, right?

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