What According To You Is Self Love Exactly?

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Self love has become a really talked about concept in recent times. It wasn’t so popular in the olden days. Initially, we guys wanted, or rather were taught to behave in a certain way. To act in a manner that pleases the society and not us. We had really less freedom of articulating our thoughts or expressing our feelings out. But now, things have changed. We have changed. The society is changing. And in such hectic and busy days, the only thing we forget is to indulge in some self love. That is because we have always given priority to everything but us.

Hence, here is a small list of things that you can do to bring back that spark of love for yourself.

  1. The first thing is our physical health. Bhagavad Gita says that for a human being, their body is their temple. That is the only thing we own in this world. The only place we can truly call our home. This makes it more important to start self love by taking care of our bodies. Hydrate it, nourish it and love it. Drink lot of fluids like water or fruit juices. Have veggies and fruits in your diet. Exercise everyday at least for half an hour. And then treat yourself with an ice cream or a burger once in a while.
  2. Next is our outer appearance. Pamper yourself. Get dressed up even if you don’t have anywhere to go. Wear your new earrings along with the attire you absolutely love. Apply some fragrance. Wear makeup if that is what gives you confidence. And at times, go for shopping so that you get a motivation to earn harder for your family and yourself.
  3. Third in line is our mental peace. You can go for meditation. No, that doesn’t have to be the actual meditation. For me, meditation is reading and writing. I feel at peace when I buy a new book and then complete it from start to end. Or when I’m writing this article right now. You can also find your own kind of meditation and then do it everyday. Stay away from negative people. Take a day out and unfollow those on your social media who don’t add a value to your life. Sometimes, it’s also okay to binge watch a series on Netflix. Watch it ALONE. Give yourself some me time. Remove all the stress and stay happy!

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