Social (Media) Distancing In The Times Of Social Distancing

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Coronavirus has become the most talked about subject in recent months. And thanks to it, we all are social distancing like never before.

Most of us wake up every morning with no particular agenda or motivation for the day. There’s no fixed time to get out of the bed and no worries to get ready to go to the office. We just move in the house, from bedroom to kitchen and from the kitchen to the hall. That is it.

I have almost forgotten what it feels like to go out. Those small moments of happiness seem to be taken away. Going out with friends, shopping in a mall, going for movies or sitting in a coffee shop enjoying my own company seems like a distant dream now. I know some things are happening for the good. The animals are safe, climatic conditions and nature are improving but we humans are in a terrible position.

To find a bit of relief in times of social distancing, we take the support of social media. Right now, we do feel that internet is a boon. All our grandmas and grandpas who thought internet is ruining us are now feeling a bit more inclined towards it, considering how it is helping us connect with friends and family instantly. We too, for almost the entire day use our phones and social media to pass our time. To talk to friends and family, to watch movies or to listen to songs.

But too much is harmful too. We must take care we don’t indulge in a lot of these platforms and rather spend time productively. We have just got an adult vacation. And I hope we never have to see such times in the future. Let us stay indoors, stay safe and give our best contribution to bring back a new definition of humanity after this phase gets over.

Things You Can Do To Get You Through These Tough Times Of Social Distancing

  1. Start reading now if you aren’t a reader. Don’t just pick any other random book. If you are a first time reader, you’ll need a reason to do so. And a meaningful book will keep you hooked. You can start with The Secret by Rhoda Byrne. It is an amazing read. It will motivate and inspire you to the core.
  2. There is no harm in increasing your skill set. Why not take up a new free online course and learn something new? There are websites like Udemy and Coursera that offer the same.
  3. Cook a delicious meal. Learn to cook a new recipe other than Maggi noodles. Have wholesome food filled with nutrients and vitamins. It will not only feed your soul, but will also help you build a strong immune system.
  4. All food and no exercise will make Jack an unhealthy boy. Haha! I know I’ve changed the saying. But this is true. We can either control our calories or burn the extra ones. Now that you cannot go out and workout, take your yoga mats and do some yoga. If not that, you can also make a fitness routine of your own. You can start jumping ropes or doing squats. It will not let the body know that it is in a rest mode.
  5. And finally, practise gratitude the first thing in the morning. Thank God for another day. Thank Him for being able to stay indoors, because right now, breathing too, has become a luxury!

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