What Is The Perfect Age To Learn Something New?


What according to you is the perfect age to learn something new? Some say you can learn flawlessly only when you are a kid. Some say you can learn only after you attain a certain age. And then some times we feel that after our 40s or 50s, we cannot learn anything new.

There’s this one small story. Children are thought to be as clay. They say you can mould them in any shape you want. And that, for a matter of fact is true. It’s easy to teach them new things. They also have a better grasping power than other age groups.

But this surely doesn’t mean that once you are out of your childhood, learning is a distant dream. NO. You can take up any new course or learn a completely new skill at any age. For me, the biggest examples are the contestants of the very famous show: Kaun Banega Crorepati. Here, people from all walks of life and age come on the basis of the knowledge they’ve attained to win the prize money. So ultimately in the end, it all depends on us.

Do you remember the time when you had a craving of some random food item which was not available in your house at that moment? You would have either shrugged it off or quickly grabbed the keys of your car or scooter and went out to get it. The choice is always yours. When you have the craving, you make an extra effort to fulfill it. You give no excuses.

The same is with learning. If you want to learn. You will. There won’t be any ifs and buts. Human mind is really strange. We find hundreds of reasons why it won’t work. But what we need is that one reason why it would. And when you find that reason. Stick on to it.

How To Make Your Own Perfect Age To Learn?

It is about your willingness to learn. Just like they say: If there is a will, there is a way. We’ve seen children in the villages studying under the street light. That is because even if they don’t have the best of resources, they have a strong will-power. All they want to do is learn and become something in life. Also, learning has nothing to do with an end point. Don’t learn because you want to clear an exam. Don’t read books because you want to get good marks. Read it with an intention of becoming a smarter, learned and a wise person.

The next thing we need to do is to train our mind, which is our greatest asset and we should use it to the fullest of our capacities. No one is God-gifted. Artists don’t take birth with pencils or sketchbooks in their hands. Debaters are not born with the best debating skills. They learn and develop through an endless practise. And they work hard with consistency. Finally, we need to train our minds to do the hardest. That is, to keep at it even when we don’t feel like. Small steps everyday will make you reach the eventual destination.

One book at a time. Or one page at a time. Just don’t stop!!

See you! 🙂

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