Finished Your Novel? This Is The First Book I Completed

Pile of books on the street

Reading books is quite alien to a lot of us, especially in today’s times when every thing is available on our fingertips. Thanks to our phones, tablets and laptops and of course, internet. But I still vividly remember the first book I completed.

Buying books from the famous Indian bookstore Crossword was a ritual in those days. It all started because my parents always felt that reading was an essential part of growing up. It widens our horizons and opens up our perspective. They tried inculcating this wonderful and productive practice in me and I happily obeyed. Also, after they discovered how addicted I got to reading, they started bribing me with books. We as kids don’t like to go to certain functions or events with our families. But I used to go. Why? Because after that I’d get a book. 😀

The journey went on and is on till today. The thing was, I used to buy books but never had the courage to complete one from beginning to end. But I completed this one. It was The Famous Five Go To Demon’s Rocks by Enid Blyton.

This book has around 192 pages. And reading so many pages in times when I was around 10 or 11 years old was a task. I used to go on and off and it took me around 1 year to complete this book. It’s a children’s book. One among the 500-600 books the author has written. She was a really loved and cherished author. And she will be, at all times.

The Story (No Spoilers)

The story is bout the famous five: a close knit group of siblings and friends. They are Georgina (she’s a tomboy and wants people to call her George), Julian, Dick (Richard), Anne and George’s dog Timmy. The other characters include Aunt Fanny: George’s mother and Julian, Dick and Anne’s Aunt. And her husband Quentin Kirrin. In this particular book, there are two more characters who arrive at the Kirrin Cottage. Professor Hayling and his son Tinker. The story is about the famous five setting on to an adventure to Demon’s Rocks because they’ve heard about the treasure there. Their speculations kind of start coming true when they see a gold coin. But then, there’s someone else there too. Who is it? I’ll let you find that out by reading the book or hearing the audiobook.

I personally really enjoyed reading this book at that time. I remember how this novel inspired me to curate my own first story. An adventurous story about three friends. I never completed that though. But I proudly gave it to my Ma’am who was giving me tuitions, for any grammatical error whatsoever. And she loved it. But I left that after writing the first chapter. Hoping to continue from there someday!

But now when I read this book, I feel there are a few things that bother me. But I usually don’t mind much about them in a children’s book. After all they are for entertainment purposes. And till the kids enjoy them, every thing is fine.

So this was my story of the first book I completed. What is yours?

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