Lessons From The Coronavirus Quarantine Period


I still remember sitting at the Toronto Airport. I had just come back from India after a short break with my family and was waiting for my bus to London, Ontario. It was around 7:30 pm on January 1, 2020. I was making plans for the new year. I was thinking about getting in shape, posting more articles on this blog and completing my HR course successfully. But little did I know that in just about two months the world will stop. And that we all will be in a quarantine period. An extremely tiny thing like a coronavirus will take over our mental peace. But now when I sit and write this article, I feel there are so many lessons I’ve learnt from this phase.

  1. Never take touch for granted: this seems so straight, simple and obvious. But did you give it a thought? We take so many things for granted. And touch is one of them. A touch is a feeling of closeness with one another. Be it shaking or holding hands, leaning on someone’s shoulder or hugging someone. All these things do matter. Especially in times when we are alone and helpless in this quarantine period. Let us cherish this beautiful feeling and never take it for granted again.
  2. I also felt way more compassionate for the animals that are trapped in zoos across the world. Aren’t we all under the same situation now? We feel sad just because we can’t go out of our own houses. That too, for our security. But at least we can speak. Those animals cannot. They can’t express their feelings too.
  3. Learn to spend some time alone. It will help you know yourself, your needs and your emotions better. We have often read quotes about ‘me time’. But now is the time to implement it. Read a book. Take an online course. Organize your wardrobe. Clean your home. Study. Watch that series you’ve been wanting to see forever. And of course, pray more for humanity each passing day.
  4. Also, the most important thing that I learned is that no one can compare to the love you get from your family and close friends. This is the time you come to know about the ones who were faking it and the ones that actually matter. Right now, nothing more than the health of our loved ones matter.
  5. Next thing is gratitude. Such times show us how lucky we are. There are some of us who can’t stay home. Police, the doctors and all other medical staff is no lesser than an army today. They are saving us from the deadly disease while being away from their families, not knowing whether they’ll return back home or no. And what do we have to do? Just stay home. That’s it.
  6. And finally, we humans should realize that we can’t control everything. However advanced we become, there is a superpower above us whom we call God. May be, this time he thought it was more important to free the animals and save the planet from man-made pollution. May be, he thought he wanted to trap just us humans and free the Earth.

Take care!

Stay in.

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