Why Jhharoke?

We all have certain special names for all our ventures, right? I love to do the same. For me, it is very important for my brands to have their unique identity. It should resonate with the viewers and radiate out a feeling of oneness with them along with serving the purpose.

My journey with art has been amazing. Along with all the people involved in it. This is what happens when you are exposed to it right from your childhood. You get so engrossed that it is difficult to let it go. I might have pursued different degrees in my career, but I have always come back to art when I felt low. It has always been the best stress buster I know. The feeling of closing my room’s door, removing a set of paints and a canvas, putting on some soft Gujarati music and painting my way out has always been special. Not only art, I am very close to all things Indian too. I always try to name my businesses in such a way that they carry a part of India with them. And hence, Jhharoke was born.

Jhharoke is the name of my art and craft venture. I regularly host art, craft and jewellery exhibitions and I love the feeling of it. Very liberating and therapeutic.

Do you know what exactly a Jharokha is?

If you google it, you’ll come to know that it is basically an overhanging enclosed balcony. A very beautiful piece of architecture. I’ve personally seen this in different parts of Rajasthan. It was also a part of Indo-Islamic architecture. And one of the main reasons for its existence was to help women get an overview of the open spaces and streets in front of them without being seen themselves. It not only adds on to the beauty but is very useful too.

And for me, art is just like a window. A beautiful and insightful window, which helps you seek answers from your soul. It opens up your mind and teaches you how imperfection is beautiful. Every one of us have different thoughts while seeing the same painting. We all have a different way to create our unique piece and technique. What we need is just a window, to help us look at it with a hope of love and life within.


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