Tips If You Hate Studying: Get Some Motivation!

I know not everyone likes studying. We all have different interests and that’s absolutely fine. But then there are some times, some inevitable reasons why we have to indulge in reading and writing sessions in spite of not liking it. So here I am, with a few tips if you hate studying.

Let’s begin.

  1. We should start by changing our attitude and this word ‘studying’. We cringe at the thought of it. And it sounds so boring, right? So now, instead of studying – you can use the word ‘gaining knowledge’. This is such a positive word. And knowledge can come in any form. Through books, through listening to video lectures and also, by being alert.
  2. The second and the best advise will be to stay away from people who make you hate studying. The ones who believe that studying is useless. There are many negative people, who instead of motivating you will demoralize you and I know we all have experienced this somewhere in our lives. These are the ones who believe in the idea of ‘stepping onto someone else to reach up’. But that’s not how it’s done. Have you seen the movie Sanju? If not, I’ll give you an example. So he has this one friend who introduces him to the world of drugs. And Sanju saw his friend is healthy in spite of having the same. But only after the damage is done he realizes that his friend actually always had glucose powder and no drugs. And this is exactly the kind of people we need to stay away from.
  3. Never feel that studying is ‘painful’. We often fear it. I know we always have our relatives to remind us of that. But these are mere pressures and nothing else. Just ask yourself a question. How can GAINING knowledge be painful?
  4. Fourth is to read the next part/ lesson in advance. You might not understand anything at that point of time, but when your teacher teaches you in the class the next day, you’ll catch up earlier. You’ll understand better now and if you got the entire lesson while you were reading, this might work as a revision for you!
  5. And finally, develop excellent listening skills. Believe me when I say this, but this is what has helped me fetch amazing marks. If you listen attentively, 80% of your work is done (my teacher used to say this and I experienced it to be absolutely true)! It’s only 20% that you have to work on now.

All the best!

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