Can skills be developed or are they God-gifted??

Hi Everyone!

This definitely is an interesting question. I’ve had this debate with a lot of my friends for a long time. And I thought it’s high time I make a video on it.

First of all, I feel skills are very very important. Be it hard skills or soft skills. Having a skill set will just help you stand apart and make a mark in the crowd. Be it reading skills, communication skills or speaking skill, they play a crucial part in our lives.

But are they God gifted? What do you feel? According to me, they are not at all God-gifted. We all have been created in equal capacity by the God. It is we who have to make full use of the opportunities that come across our way. You might have born with a silver spoon. But what if you don’t learn how to use it? What if you don’t really know the importance of it? Everything is to be learned or practiced. Nothing comes ready made. Let’s take the case of an artist. Was that person born with a pencil or a brush in hand? No, right! Let’s take another case: of a debater. You need amazing speaking skills. But those come only with an endless practice. You need to take part in competitions, speak in front of a mirror and what not. And also, to be a good debater, you need to have really good listening skills. How can you justify yourself if you haven’t understood what the opposite person said? You see, these things are interlinked. And these can be perfected only with willpower and a determination to never give up.

We definitely might differ in this topic. But that’s okay. This was just my take on how I perceive this topic. I hope you enjoyed the video.


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