Basic Jewellery Making Materials For Beginners

I love making jewelry. Just a few beads and a few threads and you get beautiful designs. You can customize your own jewelry according to the dress you are wearing. I started making mine while I was in school. So we had these art classes twice a week and we were supposed to choose one craft for a year. And yes, I chose this. Its been more than 10 years I’ve been loving this. And I thought why not pass on this knowledge on to you! You can start making your jewelry and also, start your own jewelry making business! Isn’t that great! In fact, I host my own jewelry exhibitions every year. I thoroughly enjoy the process. I am having one in a few days. I’ll make sure I make a vlog so that you can see what goes inside. But now, without much delay, lets begin with the basic materials you need to begin with this craft.

  1. The first and the foremost thing you need is a pair of pliers so that you can bend the wire easily and wire cutters. These are absolute essentials when it comes to making handmade jewelry. And also, a pair of scissors.
  2. Number two is a beading wire. I prefer the thin golden ones. You can also get thicker ones, in silver and in any color of your choice.
  3. Then we have glue. You’ll find so many in the market. But don’t get confused. I’d suggest you buy one fabric glue and one rubber based adhesive. For this, I generally buy Fevibond. That’s it for beginners.
  4. How can we make earrings without ear hook clasps, hoops and of course, a few stud bases? We need them all.
  5. The next thing we need is beads. These come in so many shapes, sizes and patterns. Choose the ones you like. We have glass beads, plastic beads, antique stud beads and so much. Don’t get confused. In the beginning, always go for the affordable ones. And when you get these beads, also get bead caps. In the color you like. They give a finished look to the final product.
  6. If you want to make silk thread jewellery, you’ll need a few jhumka bases. Same goes with quilling. If you want to make jewellery using this technique, have some quilling papers and tools if you wish. You can also work out without the tools in the beginning.
  7. We will also need threads. a few cotton threads, a few silk threads, and a few regular ones. And when we are talking about threads, how can we forget needles? You might need them some times. So its always a good idea to invest in them.
  8. And finally, we have eye pins, metal locks, bracelet locks to connect the beads and lastly, headpins.

We do have a lot of other supplies. But even I started out with these. If you are a beginner, don’t hoard on to everything you come across. But some. Make some. See if you like the craft and only then go ahead and invest some more.

I hope you loved reading the post. If yes, don’t forget to share it with your friends. You never know who might need it. 🙂


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