Make new phone covers | DIY Phone Cover Art

Do you love creating art? Well, obviously yes! That’s one of the reasons you are reading this. We all have mobile phones now. Life seems impossible without it. Our phones stay with us 24*7. Almost everywhere. So its but natural to expect a nice back cover for it. And there are times when we want our covers to match our outfit or match a certain theme? What do we do then? Buy a new cover? Not always, right! They are expensive and we do have a lot of other expenses to take care of. In that case, we can create one for ourselves. At home. Yes, you heard it right. Today I’ll show you what I do in such situations. A very simple DIY.

Let’s begin.

Things you need –

  1. A transparent case for your phone
  2. A few colored papers
  3. Permanent markers or sketch pens
  4. Scissors
  5. Pencil
  6. Washi tapes or any other decoration material of your choice

Now start by making templates. Trace the phone cover on the colored paper and cut it out. Cut the camera section as well.

That’s it. Now try to fit the template inside your hard cover. If it doesn’t fit well, remove it and cut it again. Properly. I used two different papers in the beginning. One of them is my all time favorite. The blue one. I love how it shines and shows different colors at different angles. The other one is yellow with golden detailing.

You can also cut out different shapes and decorate the templates.

And finally, I created some using a coffee paper. Wondering what it is? Well, don’t worry. I’ll definitely write a blog post about it very soon.

These coffee papers give a really nice vintage effect. Just write your favorite quote and doodle it. It looks beautiful and very very creative. You ca also use a colored paper, stick some shape inside it. Write a quote and doodle all around it.

So these were some ideas you can incorporate in your art activity. You have all the liberty to create something you can call your own. Liberate yourself. Do everything you can. Its not just your cover, its also your ming that’s going to love it. After all, art is therapeutic, isn’t it?


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