Why Should We Use A Wooden Comb?

Combing is important. And we all know that. Our Mums have constantly nagged us about it. I remember how hair care was a very important part of my childhood. I studied in a school where oiling hair was a compulsion. They did undertand the importance of it. And I’m happy it was. It ensured how our hair stayed smooth and silky. It really did improve the texture of my hair and the growth as well.

We all know the benefits of combing hair. We know it increases blood circulation and brings all the nutrients to the scalp. But what I recently came across are the benefits of using a wooden comb.  

The comb that I got for myself is from The Body Shop. You know there are a few reasons why we never think of buying one. One of them is how the plastic ones rule the market. They are so widely available that we don’t spend our energy and time on finding the wooden one.

First of all, its nice and environmental friendly as opposed to plastic which doesn’t degrade for the longest time and add on to the clutter. And I find the plastic ones a little too harsh on my scalp. They do hurt. A lot. I also found how using a wooden comb helps retain the moisture in the scalp. It reduces dryness and hence, the dandruff problem gets solved. And if you are of those who use a lot of heat for their hair, be it blow drying or using a straightener, this comb suits best. Why? That’s because wood is an insulator. It won’t conduct heat and plastic on the other side will definitely melt if not taken care of. And finally, all your detangler issues will be taken care of by a nice wooden comb.

Be it for men or for women, wooden combs are the best. Just start using them. You’ll notice the change.


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