Travel Beauty Essentials

Hello people! We like to travel, isn’t it? Well, not all but most of us like to. It gives us new perceptions of life. All these sound so right and easy. But is it really like that? What if you are in your dream destination and you realize you forgot your favorite mascara? Or your face wash? A nightmare, for most of us. And to avoid that, we must really take care while packing our stuff.

The first thing I get done with always is my beauty essentials pouch. A few things remain constant always. They will until I find something better. So today, I’m going to give you a sneak-peak into my beauty pouch.

  1. The first thing is my holy grail – kajal. My best friend since ages. Since I was in school. I feel that is almost the very first beauty product that we girls try out. Something that’s always present in my handbag. I also keep a spare one handy. You never know when you need it. Apart from the fact that I love it, I also wear it because the day I don’t people come and ask me if I’m okay! My face looks dull and everyone around me somehow assumes that I’m sick.
  2. The next holy grail product is an eyeliner. And that too, the Lakme insta liner in the color black. I have an emotional connection with this. This has been my first eyeliner. I have never ever used any other liner in my life. I mean, I have. But never have I loved any other liner so much. I never needed to. It’s just perfect the way it is. So yes, it travels with me everywhere.
  3. My recent obsession – cream-gel for my eyebrows. I use the ka-BROW! eyebrow cream-gel color. So yes, now this one too travels with me.
  4. I also like to put some color on my eyelids. Just a little. For that, I carry the Maybelline 24K Nudes eyeshadow palette.
  5. Next in line is my mascara. I usually don’t like to use a waterproof mascara due to how heavy it is and how difficult it gets to remove it. But I don’t know if I may need it. So I carry these two. Both are from Maybelline.
  6. Six are these blush sticks that I got from The Body Shop. They give a perfect flush of color to my cheeks.
  7. And finally a few lipsticks. A few nudes and one or two bolds. These keep on varying. The brands, the texture everything depends on my mood.

I don’t carry a foundation unless and until I’m attending an event or a big function. I like to keep things simple sometimes.

This was all that I carried to my recent trip to Mumbai. Do we share the same holy grails? Or m I missing something out? Let’s talk in the comment section.


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