My Most Recent Obsession

We all have those few things that are trending in ‘our life’. Be it a song, a book, a movie or anything else. We are always obsessed with something or the other at all points in our lives. I am no different here. So here goes my story…

I’m an avid learner. I’ve learned so many things. In fact, I do. Each passing day. And that gives me so much more confidence. One of them is makeup. Again, I’m also one of those who did not have an interest in cosmetics. But yes, that’s a past. Now I love them. Just love to enhance my features. I love the magic of makeup. And I took my own time learning it. The very first thing that I mastered was a winged eyeliner. I knew that since I was a kid. I used to practice it endlessly. Practice makes a woman perfect, you know! Then came the time to master the technique of applying a base or a foundation. I tried that as well. And then I stopped. But somehow I always got that ‘incomplete’ feeling. always. I don’t know why.

One fine day, a friend of mine who actually is one of the reasons I love makeup tried her skills on me. And bro, it was awesome. Do you know why? That’s because I never used a product for my brows. They were well groomed most of the times but never did I try or knew how to do my brows. That’s one thing I did not enter into. But once I started, I don’t seem to stop now. That’s become an obsession. I can forget all other things now, but my brows never! I would admit it took a while to learn. In fact, all new things take time. And that’s okay. But I feel we should have such an experience. It will show how this activity will just automatically enhance all other features of yours. I now realize how aesthetically pleasing are the rightly groomed brows.

Whatever you apply, that won’t make up for unkempt brows.


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