A Beginner’s Makeup Kit

If you have stopped by, that means you are either a beginner or is someone who has already started learning makeup and wants to check if you have missed out on something.

Everyone was once a beginner. I was too. All these products and things I’m listing down have come through experience. You can customize your kit according to your preference and affordability.

Let’s begin…

  • Let us start with the face. First of all, invest in a good primer. Something that will make your foundation last longer and in fact, if you use a primer, you’ll need less foundation and so you can save your product. I have combination skin so I use the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer because it comes in a gel form. You can choose a creamy once if you have dry skin. Go for gel-based primers if you have oily skin.
  • Next comes a base. Here, you need to think about the kind of coverage you always go for. If you want less coverage, invest in a BB or CC cream and if not, go for a proper foundation. I’d advise you to buy a foundation. You can use it two ways. As a high coverage product and then you can always mix it up with your moisturizer to decrease the coverage. You can make your own BB cream like that. When buying, try out the product on your face and not on the back of your hand. I use the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in the shade 128-warm nude. And it suits me the best.
  • Now we come to concealers and color correctors. Invest in color correctors in you want to address specific problems like pigmentation or red patches. If not, a concealer would just be fine. I use the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in the shade Sand Sable and then I also invested in the Nykaa color correcting palette to correct pigmentation near my chin area. You can also go for L.A Girl concealers. They are amazing too.
  • To set everything, we need a compact powder or a loose powder. If you don’t set your concealer or foundation, they tend to settle down in the wrinkles and give a very bad look. Go for the brand that suits you the best.
  • Moving on to highlighter, blush, and contour. I would really advise you to buy this one kit from Maybelline which has all three. Choose the shade that you want and then buy the one that suits you the most. I got in the shade. You might have noticed how I’m mentioning to Maybelline products almost everywhere. That’s because its affordable and at the same time has high-quality products.
  • Lets now go to the eyes. I feel we all should have an eyeshadow base (NYX Eyeshadow Base – Skin Tone). It makes the eyeshadow last really really long. You can also use a concealer if you want.
  • Coming on to the eyeshadow. Here comes the confusion. Now, this choice totally depends on what colors you like and what texture you like. Whether its matt or shimmery, it has to be your choice. But if I had to recommend anyone out of so many, I’d say go for the Maybelline Nudes 24K palette. It has nudes and also the darker ones if you want to create a smokey eye.
  • A beginner’s makeup kit is incomplete without a Kajal and an Eyeliner. A kajal that I swear by is the Eyeconic Kajal by Lakme. It is superb. And if you are thinking on what kind of eyeliner you should get your hands on, go for Lakme Insta Liner if you are comfortable with a liquid liner. And if not, go for the Maybelline Gel eyeliner.
  • Mascara is something which can change your entire look in minutes. What I’d say is go for a waterproof one only if you feel there’s a need to do so. Or else, try avoiding waterproof makeup on eyes. It becomes very difficult to remove it. And yes, apply a transparent mascara first and then go for the actual product so that the pigment in the product doesn’t harm your lashes.
  • Right now, almost every one of us is getting obsessed with doing our brows. And rightly so. Properly done brows can accentuate your facial features to a great extent. If you are still learning, get the L.A Girl Brow kit. It comes with a wax and a highlighter too.
  • And finally, moving on to the lips. Again as always, a lip primer along with a nude, a red and a pink shade is a must.

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