What Is Image Empowerment?

When I first came across this word: Image-empowerment, I got instantly curious. I started searching on the internet. It’s also called image consulting or image management. I read quite a lot of it and realised how unknowingly, I actually applied it to my life too. And I would admit, I did have a small moment of victory.

So basically, image empowerment or image management is a process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on you’, the people around you and also how it affects the achievement of your goals. Isn’t it interesting?

Let’s start with an example.

There’s this girl who is very shy, introvert and under-confident. But is that it? NO. That’s because maybe, while she was growing up, she was constantly reminded of her image, of her nature. She was asked to talk softly. Or asked to change her body language. Or maybe she was body-shamed. All these factors along with others contribute to the nature of a person. And finally, unintentionally, as we grow up we become what people want us to be. We forget what our real personality is. And this is ironic.

Why do we all want to look great on a date? Why do we dress up differently for a family gathering? How do we talk when we are in a corporate meeting? We sport different looks for every occasion. That’s because we all know our appearance affects people. Sometimes negatively and sometimes positively. Not just that, we also need to have our basic mannerisms and etiquettes right. All these things set you apart from the crowd. And these also create your long lasting impressions. Why not give it the best shot?

Is image empowerment important? YES.

Is it necessary? Well, it depends on your willingness.

Do we have to change ourselves entirely? A big NO.

What we need to do is learn where we are lacking. Not all of us know the length or the type of earring that suits our face. That’s something we can learn and transform our look. But does this change YOU? Your heart? Absolutely no. That’s the entire point. If by using a few products here and there, if by learning a few etiquettes and good communication skills you can transform your life, THEN WHY NOT?


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