What is a non-comedogenic product?

Certain times you may come across a product which has this one thing written – non-comedogenic. Have you wondered what it is? Not all of us have the habit of thoroughly reading the labels and the ingredient list on a product. I do. And I feel incomplete if I buy something without reading labels. That’s where I get to learn a lot of things.

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Moving on to our topic, you must’ve experienced how a few cosmetic products cause your breakouts. Well, that might be because of the ingredients of that particular product. One of the reasons is that they might be comedogenic. The ones that promote clogging of pores. Now, what is Comedo? It is basically just another word for a pimple. Our skin has a lot of pores which are the tiny openings. And these pores are hair follicles which have the hair root — and that’s exactly where pimples begin. When our body produces excess sebum, it can combine with the already present dead skin cells and bacteria. This is how a pore is clogged and a pimple is caused.

And then we have Comedones. What are they?

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There are certain ingredients which don’t clog your pores. That is when it is said that a product is non-comedogenic. But yes, that necessarily does not mean you won’t have acne. The ingredients are non-comedogenic. But what about the base? We usually have two bases. Water and oil. If you have an oily skin, apart from reading the ingredients properly, stay away from products that have oils or similar raw materials. Also, stay away from products that have thicker consistencies and stick to the ones that are water-based.


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