Red Lipstick Tutorial

Do you know? A lipstick can make or break your impression. How? Imagine applying a dark lip shade and then getting it smudged in a while. Scary, right? So today, we’ll be talking about the perfect way to apply a red or any other darker shade lipstick.

Beginning with my journey, a red lipstick has helped me in many situations. Be it in parties or for daily wear. Initially, just like any other girl, I was sceptical of going ‘so bold’ and kept on searching the internet for the best time and occasion to wear one. I still remember how I did not apply it for at least five months after buying it. The fashion police said red lips are for night times and parties. But over the years, I have never really followed this. Obviously, there are a few exceptions. You don’t want to go overboard with the eye makeup while sporting one, neither will you want to wear it in a simple setting. Other than that, you are good to go, girl!  My first ever was Lincoln rose from L’Oreal. It is an amazing product. Something that makes me nostalgic even today. All your firsts do that, isn’t it?

Here is my journey…

First of all, it took a lot of thinking before buying this one product. When I think of it now, I laugh, especially when I see how fearlessly I buy the violet and the purple and the green shades now. Initially, I wore it only on some big occasions like a wedding and only when I was completely dressed up.

Then comes stage 2. Still bit under-confident, I started wearing it with Indian kurtas and casual wear. But again, reserved it for some ‘special’ days.

Then came those days when I would use red lips to highlight my lips more, add a pop of colour there so that people won’t notice my undone brows or oily hair. You know, those impromptu outings!! So yes, I did that! But believe me, it really worked, always!

Finally came stage 4 where a red lipstick became my staple.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s been years. And hence, after many failed and successful experiments, I’ve come up with this really easy way to ruby-fy my lips. Something that can help you as well.

Let’s begin…

The very first thing to do is to prep your lips. Exfoliate them. According to me, this is the most important step the entire process. You can go for any brand of your choice or make a DIY lip scrub using sugar. That’s entirely your call. After exfoliation, your lips will become really smooth. In short, you are preparing your canvas for a perfect picture. Your lipstick can now glide on easily. Then apply a lip primer. This is an absolute must. I use it before every application. I use the NYX Professional Makeup Lip Primer – Nude. It makes a lot of difference in how the entire look comes out. Red lipsticks usually come with a problem. In fact, this is a problem with almost all dark and bold lip shades. The lipstick starts wearing out and fading off from the corners. It creates a very bad and an unhealthy impression. But you can solve this with just using one product-a lip primer.


Then I’ll apply a lip liner. I use Lakme 9 to 5 in the shade red alert. Some of you might like applying it on your entire lips. Some might prefer applying it on your entire lips but I prefer this way. On the edges and around the corners so that the lipstick doesn’t smudge.


Spreading it with a lip brush.


I always vouch for a lip brush. There lies the trick to a perfect application. We tend to neglect it but please don’t. It okay if you are in a hurry and want to skip a few times, but yes, if you want to stand out, you need a bit more hard work. It will blend all the products efficiently and give you a clean finish.


The one that I’m using today is the Lakme 9 to 5 creaseless creme lip colour


in the shade pink affair. And don’t go by the name. It’s a really nice bold red. It might seem lighter when you apply just little but otherwise, its perfect. So, apply the lipstick using a nice lip brush, spread it, make it even and you are done!


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