7 Ways To Use A Micellar Water

Frankly speaking, it is only recently that I’ve discovered the true power of make-up. It gives you so much confidence. I mean, I did apply a few things – kajal and a lip gloss. But I stopped there. And now, I love creating looks. Hand me those brushes and the artist in me will never sleep. 😀

So while experimenting with different makeup removers, I got my hands on Bioderma Micellar water. My chemistry classes have taught me that micellar water is nothing but a combination of a few hydrating materials along with extremely mild surfactants. These surfactant molecules club together and form microscopic spheres. These spheres now attract oil, dirt, and sebum, giving a cleansing end effect. Such is the beauty of science. feels proud

There are a number of micellar waters available in the market. You can choose what suits you best.

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I did not want to stop at using the product just for removing make-up. The curious mind in me wanted more. And eventually, I discovered the following different ways you can use a micellar water.

  1. The first one, is obvious, for removing makeup.
  2. You can also use it first thing in the morning. Clean your face using micellar water to get rid of all the excess oil from your night cream or dirt. This will leave you very fresh and prep you for the day.
  3. Have this miracle water in your gym bag. Use it post-workout.
  4. If you can use it to remove your makeup, why not use it to clean your makeup brushes?
  5. Use a cotton pad, saturate it with micellar water and use it to refresh the skin around your eyes. The cotton pads can also be refrigerated to give that cooling effect.
  6. If hand sanitizers dry your skin out, use micellar water to serve the purpose.
  7. Did you just spray a lot of perfume? Do you think it will give someone a headache? Well, don’t worry! Here’s your solution. Soak some cotton pads in micellar water and dab them on your clothes. It will absorb all excess fragrance.

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