How To Fight The Problem Of Ingrown Hair?

Do you have a problem with the ingrown hair? I did. Until now.

They might occur in armpits, head, neck, legs, face or pubic region. Even though you get waxed regularly, this problem never seems to go away. There are a number of ways to prevent them.

  • The very first thing is to choose the right method of hair removal. It can be waxing, shaving or depilation.
  • If you prefer waxing, make sure you clean it with warm water later on. If you are someone like me who prefers cream wax, clean the waxed area with oil.
  • If you shave regularly, use some good shaving cream and a sharp razor or else the hair may not cut straight and can curl back into the skin.
  • The most important thing is to remove hair in the direction of hair growth only.
  • Hygiene is the most important part. If not taken care of, it can lead to the formation of cysts.
  • After every hair removal, apply a body lotion or an aloe vera gel.
  • Be it any method, let your hair grow out to be a few millimetres before removing them again.

Having said that, I have my own way to tackle this problem. I use exfoliating gloves. They are widely available in the market and online too. I use the body shop gloves. They come in a wide variety of colours. Mine is yellow. The pair is tied together and that’s the only packaging.


Surface: Rough to ease exfoliation and remove dead skin. But they don’t hurt the body. And, they are not meant to be used on the face.


Usage: Wear one or both the gloves, whichever suits you. Then pour a dollop of shower gel (I use the body shop in strawberry) into it and massage it on the body in circular motions. Make sure you do this gently. You don’t want to hurt your skin. I have this experience with a pumice stone. I got severe redness on applying more pressure than required. While using these gloves, I felt as if the blood circulation in my body was increasing. I felt instantly satisfied with the product. Using it for a longer time can also help to even the skin tone by removing the dead skin on your body. It unclogs pores and reduces or prevents acne altogether.


My relationship with these gloves is of 3 months and I must say, it has been a smooth journey. Hair ingrowth has reduced to a great extent and I’d definitely repurchase as well as recommend it to anyone. Use it even if you don’t have this problem. You’ll thank me later 😀


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